Our Story

The year was 1996. Walks with two Jack Russell Terriers, Hansel and Barkley, were no longer enjoyable as they were frequently interrupted by coughing spells. The culprit? Their collars were causing irritation to their sensitive tracheas.

As horse owners and tack builders, Rebecca and Cybele set out to design a harness that would solve their problem. They imagined a pet harness with no hardware and made entirely of soft rope.

After several prototypes and feedback from other dog owners, they had achieved the desired result: a pet harness that offered unparalleled fit, ease of use, comfort, and quality.

In 2002 the Rope-N-Go was a granted a US patent. With a major distributor in Japan, thousands of Rope-N-Go harnesses were sold to this dog loving country. Today, countless dogs around the world are using the Rope-N-Go.

In 2019, we decided Rope-N-Go was a product we would love to reach more dog lovers with, since we appreciate the simplicity of design and how great it works on our own pets.

Animal welfare is extremely important to us and we understand that pets are family, therefore, we take great pride in carefully hand-crafting every Rope-N-Go for your pet’s comfort, health, and safety.

Deanna and Mark Anderson, and Marty the cat