How To Use

Please watch the video and review the steps below regarding how to put on, adjust, and remove the Rope-N-Go.


Note: The Rope-N-Go is designed for walking only. Do not tie pet or leave unattended with harness on. Encourage your pet to walk by your side, NOT by pulling from the front.

Step 1 ~ Putting On

Open the harness up as pictured with the large top knot above and the two side knots below. Think of your Rope-N-Go as a t-shirt, with a head opening and two leg openings.


Step 2

Place the head opening over your pet’s head.

Note: You may need to make the head opening larger or smaller by sliding the sleeve either up or down.


Step 3

Pick up a front leg, placing it through one of the leg openings. Repeat with the opposite front leg and opening.


Step 4

With one hand holding the large top knot, begin to pull the leash upwards with the other hand.

Now you will begin to adjust and fine tune your harness for your dog’s ultimate comfort.


Step 5 ~ Adjusting

Once the Rope-N-Go is adjusted for your pet, you will not need to adjust it again unless its girth circumference changes.

Make sure the black sleeve rests well below the breastbone and not too high on the neck to prevent coughing and trachea issues. Slide the sleeve up or down for proper placement.


Step 6

The two side knots serve as stop knots to prevent over-tightening in the girth. These side knots are simple overhand knots and can be adjusted by hand, either up or down depending on your pet’s girth size.

Note: Should you need to re-adjust the girth later, you can loosen the side knots if they are tight by inserting a small screwdriver or other tool between the knots. Always remove the harness from your pet first to avoid injury.


Harness Removal

With both hands on each side of the leg openings, pull the harness out to the sides. The harness/leash will move down through the large top knot. Lift each leg out of the opening and gently pull the harness over the head. Once your pet becomes accustomed to its Rope-N-Go, you may be able to pull the entire harness over its head (like a t-shirt).


Leash Use

The Rope-N-Go leash was designed for safe walking with two handles. The shorter loop handle allows for closer contact when needed.

Some may choose to remove the leash. To attach again, simply interlock the small loop at the end of the leash and the loop above the top knot as shown in the photo.