The year was 1996. Walks with our two Jack Russell Terriers, Hansel and Barkley, were no longer enjoyable as they were frequently interrupted by coughing spells brought on by their collars causing irritation to their sensitive tracheas.

As horse owners and tack builders, we set out to design a harness that would solve our problem. We imagined a pet harness with no hardware and made entirely of soft rope (think rope halter for horses).

Several prototypes later and TA-DA! We had successfully invented the first harness of its kind and the cool part is, it actually worked really well. Soon friends and family were asking for harnesses not only for their dogs but their exotic pets and farm animals.

It became apparent that no matter how oddly shaped a dog’s body was, we could fit it because of the great adjustability the harness afforded. In 2000 we applied for and were granted a US patent.

Rope-N-Go is truly unique and is appreciated by users for its unparalleled fit, ease of use, and comfort. It is our goal as animal lovers to educate dog owners on the importance of proper harness fit, and the damaging effect a collar or poor fitting harness can cause to the trachea.

The Rope-N-Go Family